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Apr 3, 2023


The Mergeasy API is organized around REST. Our API is designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URLs and uses HTTP response codes to indicate any API errors. Keep reading below for more information on each specific service.

We are a first SaaS which has the capability to first process documents (only .docx or .pdf format) integrate with services via API, that said you can simply upload the documents at our dashboard and get custom curl request generated for your document exclusively.

We will be toching down on each detail below from uploading the document, fetch exclusive request of your document and how to send that request to our API to deliver documents sent via email OR attached in Podio App items OR sent for digital signing via docusign.


API Keys

Mergeasy authenticates your API requests using your account’s API keys. If you do not include your key when making an API request, or use one that is incorrect or outdated, Mergeasy returns an error with a 401 HTTP response code. You can find all API keys in your dashboard under Integrations.



Requests made to the API are protected with Bearer Token Authorization. In order to properly authenticate with the API you must use your API key as the username while leaving the password blank. Requests not properly authenticated will return a 401 error code. You can find your account’s API keys in your integrations page.

All API requests must be made over HTTPS, or they will fail.

Authorization: Bearer dGVzdEB0ZXN0LnRlc3Q6dGVzdHRlc3Q=

You can find your API keys at integrations page post login

You may only interact with your own authorization token.

You must use encryption (i.e., HTTPS).


Step 1. Prepare Document For Upload


For Docx

  1. Replace all blanks in your docx file with {$variable}
  2. Make sure that the variable starts with {$ and end with }
  3. Include DocuSign Anchor Tags, If you want to use docusign delivery for this template.
  4. Once you have replaced all blanks with {$variable} visit Documents page under your account.
  5. You can download the sample document used in this documentation from here
Sample Screenshot of document:


-Add Conditional tags

Conditional Tags are used to show or hide some text in the document based on some certain conditions.

  1. Wrap that particular section or text for which you want to apply conditions with {#variable}
  2. Make sure the conditional tag variable starts with {# and end with .This is called opening tag.
  3. Now add a closing tag by adding {/variable} at the end of the section or text.
  4. Make sure that variable name should be same in both opening and closing document.
  5. Now to use this tag you either have to pass true or false in the request.

curl -H Authorization: Bearer dGVzdEB0ZXN0LnRlc3Q6dGVzdHRlc3Q
-d CPISection ="true"

Sample Screenshot of document:


-Add Conditional page break tag

Conditional page break tag is used to add page break in the document based on some certain conditions.

  1. To add conditional page break add a tag {@variable}
  2. Make sure the conditional tag variable starts with {@ and end with }
  3. Now to use the conditional page break pass the tag value as shown below

curl -H Authorization: Bearer dGVzdEB0ZXN0LnRlc3Q6dGVzdHRlc3Q
-d variable ="<w:p><w:br w:type="page" /></w:p>"

Sample Screenshot of document:



  1. Make your pdf fillable by using PDF editing softwares like SejdaNitro Pro or Adobe
  2. Include DocuSign Anchor Tags, If you want to use docusign delivery for this template.
  3. Once you have included all form fields(fillable) and docusign achors, Visit Documents page under your account.

Note: Make sure to use unique names for each field name and avoid whitespaces, punctuation and special characters while making fillable pdf.

Sample Screenshot of document:


Step 2. Upload Document

Visit Documents page under your account and finally upload the document. After system has processed the document the new row for the template will show in the list below upload widget. Refer screenshot below:


Step 3. Deliver Merged Document

Once you use our API using the same API just by changing the delivery method you can send the merged to an email, Podio items and for digital signatures via docusign. Each service has their respective parameters for successful delivery to services.

Email Delivery

Podio Delivery

Docusign Delivery

MergeSign Delivery

 A new feature has been introduced that allows users to send contracts to be digitally signed through SMS. This innovative capability streamlines the process of signing documents and enables users to complete the signing process conveniently and quickly using their mobile devices. With this feature, users can now sign and execute contracts on the go, from virtually anywhere, using just their smartphones. This advancement is set to revolutionize the way we handle and sign important documents, making it easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before.


Deliver With SMS

In the past few years, there has been a significant change in consumer behavior, with an increasing number of people using mobile devices to access and exchange vital information. Research has shown that SMS notifications are preferred over emails by consumers by a significant margin of 2.5 times, especially when it comes to receiving notifications regarding essential documents like healthcare new patient forms or loan applications.

Despite this trend, email remains the primary mode of communication for important information. Unfortunately, people now receive a to many emails, and it has become challenging to cut through the clutter and capture their attention.

Reach signers faster with SMS Delivery

To ensure signers receive and complete important documents, it’s essential to connect with them through various communication channels. We’re thrilled to announce the addition of SMS Delivery to DocuSign eSignature, which offers a new way to reach out to signers. With SMS Delivery, you can now supplement email notifications with real-time SMS notifications sent directly to a signer’s mobile device, providing an enhanced and streamlined experience for them.

With its global availability in over 180 countries, SMS Delivery helps you reach signers no matter where they are, making it ideal for procurement teams to manage contracts with suppliers while ensuring proper risk management and governance.

Leveraging email and real-time SMS notifications together can help increase response rates and get documents signed faster, which is particularly useful for sales teams looking to close deals quickly and with minimal friction for the customer.

In addition, SMS Delivery combined with our responsive signing functionality allows you to offer a superior customer experience that sets your business apart. HR teams can delight new employees with an easy and engaging signing process for new-hire paperwork, ensuring a positive start to their employment journey.


How does MergeEasy Docusign SMS work


This new feature that we have added to our service, which will allow you to receive and sign contracts directly on your mobile phone via SMS.

With this new feature, we will send you a link to the contract via SMS, which you can then access and sign electronically. This process is simple, secure, and efficient, allowing you to sign contracts in DocuSign from anywhere at any time.

To use this feature, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Provide us with your mobile phone number.
  2. When a contract is ready for signature, we will send an SMS message with a link to the contract.
  3. Click on the link to access the contract and review its contents.
  4. If you agree with the terms, sign the contract electronically by following the instructions on the screen in DocuSign.
  5. Once you have signed the contract, you will receive completed document at your email when all the signers have completed the document.

This new feature is designed to save you time and make the contract signing process more convenient. It is also a secure and legally binding way to sign contracts electronically.




How to Integrate

Visit Integration page under your account to sync DocuSign account for digital signature. DocuSign is a digital signature platform and we’re providing the feature to send your mergeasy documents directly to DocuSign for e-signature.

In your Documents page under your account when you click DOCUSIGN REQUEST button for a specific document you will receive a the curl request for that specific document in a popup.

Below is an example curl POST API request to send merged document via docusign to phone as a SMS.

  • delivery_method: docusign (string, required) – Defines the delivery method as docusign
  • doc_id: Document template id (integer, required) – Unique template id, you can retrieve this from DOCUSIGN REQUEST button in your document page
  • doc_name: “Purchase Contract.docx” (string, required) – Document name of your uploaded document, make sure to append .docx or .pdf after document name
  • docusign_doc_name: “Purchase Contract.docx” (string, required) – Document name you may want to give for DocuSign document, make sure to append file extension .docx or .pdf after document name
  • email_subject: “Purchase Contract For Property XYZ” (string, required) – Email subject for your docusign delivery email
  • email_body: “Please sign the purchase contract for XYZ” (string, required) – Email body for your docusign delivery email
  • sign_order: “false” (string, optional) – This will decide your signing order for the different recipients, Can be false(for sequential order) or true(for concurrent order)
  • recipient1_email: “” (string, required) – Email address of the first recipient for docusign delivery, This will be for your first actor’s anchor tags
  • recipient1_phone: “+18888899999” (string, optional) – Phone number of the first recipient for docusign delivery(Email + SMS Feature), This will be for your first actor’s anchor tags
  • recipient1_name: “John Smith” (string, required) – Name of the first recipient for docusign delivery.
  • recipient2_email: “” (string, required) – Email address of the second recipient for docusign delivery.
  • recipient2_phone: “+18888800000” (string, optional) – Phone number of the second recipient for docusign delivery(Email + SMS Feature)
  • recipient2_name: “James Goslin” (string, required) – Name of the second recipient for docusign delivery.


curl -H Authorization: Bearer dGVzdEB.....
-d $this_date = "23"
-d $this_month = "January"
-d $this_year = "2019"
-d $Seller_Name = "John Smith"
-d $Property_Address = "24, Brooklyn Ave."
-d $purchase_price = "$80,000"
-d $Title_Company_Name = "Diamond Equity"
-d $Days_for_Closing = "15"
-d $Days_of_Inspection = "24"
-d $Other_Terms = "Additional Clauses"
-d doc_id=1234567
-d delivery_method=docusign
-d doc_name="Purchase Contract.docx"
-d docusign_doc_name="Purchase Contract.docx"
-d email_subject="Purchase Contract For Property XYZ"
-d email_body="Please sign the purchase contract for XYZ"
-d sign_order="false"
-d recipient1_email=""
-d recipient1_phone="+18888899999"
-d recipient1_name="John Smith"
-d recipient2_email=""
-d recipient2_phone="+18888800000"
-d recipient2_name="James Goslin"

MergeCall DocuSign SMS delivery Best Practices

This video tutorial will guide you through the fundamental concepts and recommended methods for utilizing MergeCall DocuSign SMS delivery.

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