Getting Started with Mergecall,

Dec 31, 2021

Difference between Single and Multi-Line dialer-



  • Single Line dialing – Allows us to place call one at a time. Single Line dialing page ( allows to select the company under Mergecall account, our desired number we want to place the call from and also allows us to make choice based on a toggle button to choose between single line dialer and multi-line dialer.





  • Multiline Dialing – Allows us to make multiple calls at once, before making a multiline call, we need to Upload a campaign or add prospects to a campaign( Here is the multiline dialing page link This allows us to select any number of people in a campaign and we can select the company we want to place a call from, Dialer id can be selected before placing the call. We also have the feature of Manual place call and auto Place call which can be distinguished below
    • MANUAL PLACE CALL: Once this option is selected, and one queue of calling is finished, and as the new queue loads you need click on the place call button again, so basically this includes manual efforts of the cold caller or the person using the dashboard.
    • AUTO PLACE CALL: Once this option is selected, the calling happens automatically, no manual efforts of the user are required, only once the call needs to be initiated, then all the queues come automatically one after the other without any effort.





Mergecall Training for beginners



An outline of important screenshots and guides – how to set up and use Mergecall for new users



Hello and welcome to the Mergecall documentation. Here, you’ll find advice and answers from the Mergecall team, including resources, training videos, how-to guides, FAQs, and best practices for using Mergecall



If you don’t find what you’re looking for – click on the live chat button in the lower right of each Mergecall page and someone will answer within a few minutes during business hours.



Here are some main Features of Mergecall



  • 1)Inbound-Outbound calling
  • 2)Inbound-outbound SMS
  • 3)Campaign Creation
  • 4)Multiple companies can be set up under one account
  • 5)Bulk texting-using campaigns
  • 6)Multiline dialer – using campaigns
  • 7)Webform Integration- Customize a web form used by cold callers, put in all relevant questions that need to be asked to the customers.
  • 8)Push leads to CRM functionality- Pushes the lead from merge call dashboard to any webhook, gets conversation and other details on the webhook.
  • 9)Scheduling SMS in Campaign
  • 10)Logs management
  • 11)Notifications are received on the dashboard, regarding file download, if you are online, you will receive a browser call, if offline then the incoming call is received on the forwarded number.
  • 12)Conversations View-with interactive chat window
  • 13)IVR Setup/Call flows
  • 14)Create interactive Templates.
  • 15)Easy management of prospects’ leads stages.
  • 16)Setup quick replies for the SMS.
  • 17)Click to call feature available – merge call extension available on google chrome store
  • 18)API documentation.



Beginner’s Guide to Mergecall



Here are highlights for new users, and you’ll find more detail and depth in the rest of our support documentation, as you become a more confident Mergecall user.



Starting your Mergecall Trial



  • How to start a Mergecall Trial:  During your Sign-up process, you need to add funds to your account and you can try out the system without taking any subscription plans. Note: After 14 days of your trial, you need to take a subscription plan to continue using the system functionalities.
  • How to get the most out of your Trial:
    • 1. Log in to Mergecall- Go to your Mergecall Web App and log in.
    • 2. Secure a phone number- You can buy a number with the funds you added to your Wallet.
    • 3. Make your first call- See how the call is placed.
    • 4. Send a text message- See how the text is being sent.
    • 5. Install the Mergecall Chrome Extension- You can install the Mergecall Chrome Extension and try the click-to-call or text feature.
    • Play around and have fun!
  • Understanding the limitations of your Mergecall trial: The Mergecall trial is designed to give you a hands-on taste of the system. We have some limitations during the 14 days Mergecall trial period which is, you need to have funds in your Mergecall Wallet to buy a number, make calls, and send texts.
  • How to Activate your Subscription: Unlock all of the features of Mergecall by ending the trial and starting your first month of paid subscription. Go to Payment > Plans and subscribe to the plan you want.





How to Set Up Mergecall- Highlights (for Admins):



A simple setup of Mergecall- If you followed all of the prompts upon initial signup, you have likely already completed all of these steps. This article shows you how to buy a phone number and how to configure your new phone number.



1. How to Purchase a Number-



  • To purchase your first number, go to your Mergecall Phone Number > Buy Number > Phone Numbers.





  • Or on the home page just click BUYNUMBER.





  • Select the State from the dropdown, enter the Area Code (Prefix of the number) and click the Search button.





  • Within this window you can see: 
    • 1. Number: List of numbers
    • 2. Area: City, State the number will belong.
    • 3. Country: To which country the number will belong.
    • 4. Services: Either voice, SMS, MMS, and Fax (depending on area).
    • 5. Price – A fee billed for each number.
    • 6. Action- Click on BUY and a dialog box will appear where you can set the following:
      • a. Friendly Name- Set a nickname for your newly purchased number.
      • b. Call Forwarding Number- Set a number to which the call will be forwarded when you are offline on Mergecall.
      • c. Company- Select a company from the dropdown where you want this number to be used.
      • d. Voice Webhook- You can enter the webhook URL here and any Voice Responses will go to this webhook.
      • e. SMS Webhook- You can enter the webhook URL here and any SMS Responses will go to this webhook.





  • After you set your preferences and a number you like, all you have to do is press BUY and now you are the proud owner of a Mergecall number. 🎉



2. Create a Call Flow-



  • A Call Flow establishes where the system should route calls and texts come to your phone number. Without one, incoming calls will not reach you. To set up a call flow to a number go to Settings > Call Flow > Create Flow.
    Here select the Company and Number you want to set the call flow in. After selecting the number, you will be asked to set the call flow name.





Here, you can easily set a Call Flow by clicking on the applets you need which you can find on the right side of this dashboard.



You have lots of options to customize the Call Flow:
TEXT: Greeting Play a message to the caller.
MENU: Prompt the caller to select from a menu of options using the keypad on their phone.
You can also add a sub-flow here just by clicking + to add a sub-flow.
HANG UP: Hang up the Call.
DIAL: This is where the call will be forwarded to.
VOICEMAIL: Enter the voicemail mp3 URL here or just upload a mp3 voicemail.



Create whatever structure works best for your business strategy and organization, and then press SAVE & FINISH to save your flow.





Introduction to Mergecall



Introduction to the Dashboard





1. Fund: This shows the funds you have in your Mergecall.Also, you can click on Add Fund to add funds to your account.
2. Plan: This shows the current subscription plan. Also, you can see the Pricing plans just by clicking to View Plans.
3. Click to Download Extension: Click here to download Mergecall Chrome Extension and enjoy our click-to-call/text feature.
4. API Key: From here you can copy the API key/token. This key/token can further be used to perform different API operations.
Here is our API Documentation.
5. Report: It shows the report (Total Talk time, Average call duration, Total Inbound Text, and Total Outbound Text) of your Mergecall account as per the days selected from the right-hand side drop-down.



Introduction to Dialer Dashboard





1. From Number: Select the number from which you want to call.
2. Select Company: This option filters the numbers according to the selected company.
3. Dialer/Multidialer: This option allows you to switch between the dialer page and the Multiline Dialer page.
4. Make a call: Here enter the number where you want to call.



  • Call: Press the call button to connect the call, then the dialer will pop up.





Mute button: It mute the user audio.
Send Notes: It allows the user to send notes to the registered webhook.
Form: On clicking, a custom form will pop up.







Back to Dialer: This will take you back to the dialer.
Submit: It will send data Form data to the registered webhook.



  • Message: Press the message button to send SMS. Enter the number, type the text you want to send, and click on Send Message. It’s just that simple!



5. Active call: This shows the active call status.
6. Call logs: This shows call logs. Here you can see the details of the Inbound & outbound calls. Also, there is a feature where you can listen to the call recordings with just one click under the Record Link column.



Introduction to Multi-Dialer Dashboard-







  1. Place call/Auto place call: This option allows you to switch between MANUAL PLACE CALL and AUTO PLACE CALL.
  2.  Dialer/Multidialer: This option allows you to switch between the dialer page and the Multiline Dialer page.
  3. Select Company: This option filters the numbers according to the selected company.
  4. From Number: Select the number from which you want to call from the drop-down.
  5. Limit: Enter the number of leads you want to call at the same time.
  6. Campaign: Select the campaign from the drop-down.
  7. Form: When a call is placed a custom form will pop up.
  8. Call logs: Displays the call logs.
  9. Refresh: It refreshes the current session.
  10. Logs: It shows the call logs of the selected campaign.
  11. Session: It shows all call sessions.



Introduction to Messaging Service Dashboard-







  1. Select Company: This option filters the numbers according to the selected company.
  2. From Number: Select the number from which you want to call from the drop-down.
  3. To Number: Enter a number you want to send a text message to.
  4. Text: Enter the text message here.
  5. Send Message: Click this button to send the text.
  6. Message logs: Displays the text message logs.



Introduction to Bulk Messaging Dashboard-



The Bulk Messaging dashboard is subdivided into 3 sub-portions:



  1. Campaigns- Here we can upload an Xls or a CSV file and create a campaign with which we can do the multi-dialing just with a button click.
  2. Prospects- Here you get the functionality to search, filter out, add, delete or set actions (DNC/Verified Number/Wrong number/Qualified number/Priority Number) to Prospects in the campaign.
  3. Templates- 



  • Categories- Add a message category for campaigns.
  • Template- Add templates for campaigns.
  • Quick Replies- Add quick replies for conversations.
  • Lead Stage- Set stage for leads.



Introduction to Conversation Dashboard-



Here you can see the text message conversations and send messages with just one click.
Following are a few additional functionalities under this dashboard:



  • CRM- By clicking this button you can push the conversations to the CRM.
  • Search contacts- You can search contacts and see the conversations.
  • Send- Sends a text you entered in the “type your message” section.
  • Start an audio call- You can just click on the   button to make an audio call.



Introduction to Payment Dashboard-



The Payment dashboard is subdivided into 2 sub-portions:



  1. Plans- Here you can see the details of our pricing plans (Premium/Premium Plus/ENTERPRISE).
  2.  Billing- Here you can see the billing details.



  • Invoices: See the list of invoices here.
  • Card details: Displays the Card details.
  • Billing Address: You can save the billing address here.
  • Wallet: Here you can see the current funds in your wallet. Also, you can add funds to your Mergecall wallet manually or Enable the Auto Trigger in Auto-add fund to add funds automatically.



Introduction to Phone Number Dashboard-



  • The Phone Number dashboard is subdivided into 2 sub-portions:



  1. Tracking: Select the company from the drop-down and you can see the details of all your tracking numbers and you can edit, release or deactivate a number.
  2. Buy Number: You can buy a number from here.



Introduction to Companies Dashboard-



You can create a company here just by clicking “Create Company”. You can have multiple companies under one account.



Introduction to Settings Dashboard-



The Settings dashboard is subdivided into 3 sub-portions:



  1. Setting: 



  • API Key- You can copy the API key to your clipboard and refresh the API key just by a click of the button.
  • DNC (Do Not Call) List: This helps you export, import, and remove DNC contacts in bulk.
  • Opt-Out: Set opt-out messages here. It is the message customer has chosen to remove themselves from any further text messages from your business.



2. Form Builder- 



  • Webhook Setting-



  1. Form Webhook: The data will be sent to this webhook once the cold calling form is filled.
  2. Note Webhook: The call notes data will be sent to this webhook once the notes are filled while receiving an incoming call.
  3. CRM Webhook: The conversation data will be sent to this webhook once the push to CRM button is clicked from the conversation dashboard.
  4. Save: Saves the above webhooks.



  • Form Builder-
    This helps you build a custom form for your cold calling.
  • Call Flow- You can set a call flow here. A Call Flow establishes where the system should route calls and texts come to a phone number.
  • DNC – Here you can find all the numbers added to the DNC. We can also remove any number from DNC list by clicking on remove button.





My profile –





  • Api Docs-This will lead the user to the REST API documentation of Mergecall or you can go to API documentation 
  • My Account- Here you can see your user name and Email address.





  • Change Password: Click here to change the password.
  • Plans- Click on the plans will lead you to your current plan page.
  • Contact us- Here you can send your query to the support team. 
  • Logout- Click here to log out from your account.



How does Mergecall pricing work? –



We operate on a pre-paid model to ensure that you never get a bill you aren’t expecting.



  • To access Mergecall you will need a subscription to one of our plans, and you will need to load in credit to your Mergecall system to use for all of your calls/texts/numbers.



Mergecall Subscription Plans



There are 2 different Mergecall plans from which you can choose:



  • Premium
  • Premium plus






  • 14 days free trial
  • $0.011 inbound SMS
  • $0.011 outbound SMS
  • $0.0195/min Call
  • Multiline dialing
  • Easy SMS/Call Tracking
  • Easy Payments
  • Mass texting
  • Multiple Companies
  • Message up to 3000
  • 24/7 Support



Premium plus-



  • 14 days free trial
  • $0.011 inbound SMS
  • $0.011 outbound SMS
  • $0.0195/min Call
  • Multiline dialing
  • Easy SMS/Call Tracking
  • Easy Payments
  • Mass texting
  • Multiple Companies
  • 3000+ Messages
  • 24/7 Support



How does Mergecall Multiline dialer pricing work?



The multiline dialer is a power dialer for Mergecall:



  • Similar to single line dialer, the Multiline dialer operates on a subscription+usage, pre-paid model – so you never get hit with a surprise invoice.



The multiline dialer is an add-on to Mergecall:



  • To use single line dialer, you must have a Mergecall subscription.
  • It does not matter which subscription you have, you can use Multidialer.



A multi-line dialer allows you to dial multiple lines simultaneously – perfect for powering through the large lead list in a fraction of the time. Here user can select how many lines the user wants to call.






Multidialer users pay for the usage, this includes the call time on each of the lines, plus the time it takes to listen to.



Usage is deducted from your pre-paid credit balance. Enabling Auto-Top up will help keep your call rhythm from being interrupted if you hit a zero balance.



How to get help from Mergecall-



There are many ways you can get help with Mergecall if you have an issue or a question.



  1. Read Our Documentation: (Congrats! You’re already doing this!) We have an extensive library of how-to guides, FAQs, and tutorials in our Mergecall documentation. 
  2. Contact Support: As always, we are here to help you. Live support is available during business hours through the chat feature within the Mergecall web app. After-hours messages will be returned as soon as we’re back online. 
  3. Contact us





  • Use the contact us page in our Mergecall web app
  • You can also contact us through our live chat feature.When you click the live chat icon and then click on start new conversation, it asks you to enter your full name and email address.








Click in the link to Contact Us

Thank you for using MergeCall  2021 ©


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