Mergecall vs. Smrtphone

Dec 31, 2021

  1. Smrtphone $50/monthly WITHOUT SMRTDIALER, compared to which is $34.99/monthly INCLUDING multiline dialing and after a certain limit then it charges $5/user, so a wholesaling company having multiple users will be shedding more money that too without multi dialing, there is no such user cap in Mergecall, as its a pay once monthly subscription model with no concept of charges per user.
  2. For Smrtdialer multi-dialing they charged one of my other clients $75/month which is $900/annually, additional check, kindly check the invoice screenshot of $4500/year was charged to my client who later on switched to Mergecall.
  3. Smrtphone is login via Podio, so if Podio is down user can’t initiate calling or SMS even from smrtphone because the user needs to log in via his Podio.
  4. Smrtphone does NOT offer any service from bulk SMS campaign at the first, which Mergecall offers within a once cheap plan of $34.99/monthly.
  5. That said Mergecall provides everything offers everything under $34.99/month.
  6. Smrtphone allows to buy numbers ranging between $3/number to $5/number but Mergecall provides the same for $2/number.
  7. If you want the smrtphone to be synced with Two or more workspaces, you will have to get a smrtphone account for each workspace as it can be synced with one at a time, It loads one communication app and it is synced to one contact app which again will not be very budget-friendly. Whereas Mergecall has an upper hand on this you can have multiple companies in under one account and can be synced to multiple workspaces keeping it simple and in one place.
  8. The integration complexities are less in Mergecall because it offers out of the box API from inbound and outbound calling and hence integrating Mergecall API will cost $150 from calling service and $100 from bulk SMS integration (PS: smrtphone does not have bulk SMS campaign management at the first place and wholesalers need to be dependent on other monthly subscription services like lead sherpa or launch control for bulk SMS marketing at $297/month) and will be delivered in one business days.
  9. In Smrtphone they send the data to dedicated contacts and communications apps and there is no way to intercept the data in between and we have to over code and dependent on these Podio apps, as they will first receive the data and then we can do further activities to link with seller leads app. If Podio is down, the whole calling and SMS infrastructure is also down.

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