Podio Mergecall Integration

Nov 23, 2022

MergeCall doesn’t just integrate with Citrix Podio, but with any CRM! But has features that gives a special experience to the Podio users, makes their work a lot easier, and integrates with your CRM to track and monitor calls, sends SMS and many more… it’s all built specifically to work out of the box. MergeCall brings together your CRM, your phone calls, your text messages and your campaigns in one, seamlessly integrated system. Everything logged in Citrix Podio or any CRM, via webhooks.


How it works:

On MergeCall dashboard, we have an option on the side menu for Form Builder, and that is the webhook settings and Form Builder settings.

Once you open, it looks like the below screenshot:  

In the above screenshot the webhooks can be registered to capture the results. On the desired webhooks accordingly from form, Notes and Push to CRM button.

The incoming and outgoing Voice and SMS details can be captured on webhook by registering webhooks on a specific number, below is the screenshot for the same:

Voice data Example:


ApiVersion = “2010-04-01”

Called = “+18XXXXXX787”

ParentCallSid = “CA6f7b5f1a84341bd24ae673a898e21b4d”

CallStatus = “completed”

RecordingSid = “REf00d43596a647bed27d47d795077d2ae”

Duration = “1”

RecordingUrl = “”

From = “+184566XXXXXX”

Call Duration = “21”

Direction = “outbound-dial”

Timestamp = “Fri, 31 Dec 2021 07:48:49 +0000”

AccountSid = “A2247ec4XXX85ecc1c745990e8”

CallbackSource = “call-progress-events”

ApplicationSid = “AP0a57085bXXXd21”

Caller = “+1845XXXX466”

SequenceNumber = “3”

To = “+188XXXX2787”

CallSid = “CXXXXXXXXdc5179c6e1ff”

RecordingDuration = “19”


Parameters Details of Voice API:


SID: The SID of the Account that created this Call resource.

To: The phone number, SIP address, Client identifier or SIM SID that received this call. Phone numbers are in E.164 format (e.g., +16175551212). SIP addresses are formatted as name@company.com. Client identifiers are formatted client:name. SIM SIDs are formatted as sim:sid.

From: The phone number, SIP address, Client identifier or SIM SID that made this call. Phone numbers are in E.164 format (e.g., +16175551212). SIP addresses are formatted as name@company.com. Client identifiers are formatted client:name. SIM SIDs are formatted as sim:sid.

CallStatus: The status of this call. Can be: queued, ringing, in-progress, canceled, completed, failed, busy or no-answer. 

Duration: The length of the call in seconds. This value is empty for busy, failed, unanswered, or ongoing calls.

Direction: A string describing the direction of the call. Can be: inbound for inbound calls, outbound-dial for Outbound calls.

API version: The API version used to create the call.

Recording URL: Recording of call 

Recording Duration: Duration of the recording



Call status and their details:


Call status and their details: 



The call is ready and waiting in line before dialing.

ringing The call is currently ringing.
in-progress The call was answered and is currently in progress.
canceled The call was hung up while it was queued or ringing.
completed The call was answered and has ended normally.

The caller received a busy signal.

no-answer There was no answer or the call was rejected.
failed The call could not be completed as dialed, most likely because the phone number was non-existent.

SMS data Example

body = “hi”

numSegments = “1”

direction = “outbound-api”

from = “+184X5XXX266”

to = “+188XXXXX2787”

dateUpdated = “2021-12-31T08:02:01.000Z”

price = NULL

ErrorMessage = NULL

url = “/2010-04-01/Accounts/ACf92224XXXXXXXXXecc1c745990e8/Messages/SM09aXXXXXXXXX66e670d4e8.json”

accountSid = “ACfXXXc485d6XX990e8”

numMedia = “0”

status = “queued”

messagingServiceSid = NULL

sid = “SMe67051XXXXXXd4e8”

dateSent = NULL

dateCreated = “2021-12-31T08:02:01.000Z”

errorCode = NULL

priceUnit = “USD”

apiVersion = “2010-04-01”

subresourceUris::media = “/2010-04-01/Accounts/ACf9XXXXXXXXe8/Messages/SM09a74b3394044e249266e670519ad4e8/Media.json”


Response from SMS:

Body: The message text. Can be up to 1,600 characters long.

numSegments: The number of segments that make up the complete message. A message body that is too large to be sent in a single SMS message is segmented and charged as multiple messages.

Direction: The direction of the message. Can be: inbound for incoming messages, outbound-api for messages initiated by a REST API

From: For outgoing messages, this value will be one of your Twilio phone numbers or the alphanumeric sender ID used. 

To: The phone number in E.164 format that received the message. For incoming messages, this will be one of your mergecall phone numbers. For outgoing messages, this will be the sending phone.

Price: The amount billed for the message, in the currency specified by price_unit. Note that your account is charged for each segment we send to the handset. Populated after the message has been sent. May not be immediately available.

Error Message: The description of the error_code if your message status is failed or undelivered. If the message was successful, this value is null.

Status: The status of the message. Can be: accepted, scheduled, canceled, queued, sending, sent, failed, delivered, undelivered, 

SID: The unique string that we created to identify the Message resource.priceunit: The currency in which price is measured, in ISO 4127 format (e.g. usd, eur, jpy).


Calling and SMS sending via Podio


You can simply use the click to Call and Click to SMS feature from Podio, all you have to do is download the MergeCall extension from the chrome web store and open your Podio item where you want to place a call like the screenshot below:


Once your extension is active and showing on the chrome browser you need to click on it and log in to your MergeCall account using your username and password.




When you click Call via MergeCall it leads you to the MergeCall page shown below:


And When you click Message via Mergecall it leads you to the page shown below:


SMS from comment/Reply receive from Podio:


SMS from comments can be integrated from Podio, using MergeCall API integration.

This is how it works from Podio:


Also, the SMS can be received from merge call on a webhook and can be displayed on Podio itself, refer to the screenshot below:



Click in the link to Contact Us  automations@mergeasy.com


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