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Oct 28, 2021

Are you looking for information about what is data anonymization? Then you have landed on the right blog. In this blog, we will cover all the knowledge regarding data anonymization gdpr. 

Data anonymization is the de-identity of consumer records so that it can’t be re-identified. There are many anonymization strategies available.

Data anonymization techniques: what is data anonymization

Attribute suppression:

take away a whole part of a statistics record (i.e., column). It’s the virtual equivalent to redacting positive portions of statistics via way of means of drawing over them with a sharpie.

Character masking: 

converting characters of a information value. Also known as information masking, that is a shape of encryption in which characters in PII attributes are changed with different characters or are shuffled around. Think of it like a cipher. Without the decoder (or encryption key) it’s far not possible to de-anonymize masked information.

Data aggregation:

Summarizes the information. Aggregated information offers a excessive stage view of the information record. The information can be provided as totals on the organization stage, in preference to as line objects on the consumer stage.


planned discount of facts precision. While a part of the facts file stays accurate, it’s generalized in order now no longer to be as specific – for example, best supplying the yr and month of a delivery date, at the same time as omitting the date.

Differential privacy:

Introducing “noise” that tries to make re-identity of the character tough with the aid of lowering accuracy of the data.


substitute of figuring out records with made up values. Pseudonymization replaces identifier attributes with some thing false – like every names with John or Jane Doe – even as retaining different records unchanged in order that the file nonetheless displays an correct photo of the records.

GDPR requirements for data anonymization?

Truly anonymized facts is exempt from GDPR due to the fact it’s miles not taken into consideration non-public facts. However, GDPR additionally differentiates anonymization from pseudonymization. While anonymized facts is exempt, pseudonymized facts nonetheless is problem to GDPR, aleven though has fewer regulations than non-obscured non-public facts.

Anonymized Data: need to be absolutely non-identifiable. If any of the facts may be reliably matched to a actual person’s particular identity, GDPR does now no longer do not forget it to be “anonymized” and in order that facts could be problem to GDPR’s non-public facts necessities. Therefore at the same time as anonymized facts isn’t always problem to GDPR regulations on how facts may be used, corporations need to nonetheless make certain that their facts meets GDPR’s strict definition of “anonymization.”

Pseudonymized Data: in contrast to anonymized facts, pseudonymized facts may be re-identifiable. GDPR makes a difference among pseudonymized facts and private facts, with looser necessities round pseudonymized facts. In addition, pseudonymized facts can be capable of be processed for functions aside from that for which the facts became collected.

Benefits of Data anonymization

Data anonymization balances the want of cutting-edge businesses from usable, insightful information with the want of clients to have their non-public information protected. While anonymized information can not be matched to a particular person, it could nonetheless be used to help advertising initiatives.

In addition, information anonymization permits secure, zero-consider information partnerships. Rather than information vendors being required to proportion individually identifiable information (PII) with their companion, they are able to as a substitute anonymize their information statistics through encryption.

The information companion can best de-anonymize the information for his or her shared customers, in order that they do now no longer acquire PII for any new clients, but nonetheless acquire new information attributes for his or her present customers. A 0.33 birthday celebration can be concerned in those relationships to anonymize the information of the 2 companions, locate the shared customers, and go back the de-encrypted information to the companions for best the ones shared customers. Now, it is clear about what is data anonymization.

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In this article, we have shared knowledge about what is data anonymization in details. Hope, you have got the knowledge & wil take the right decision while choosing the software for generating contracts or documents.


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