Zapier Mergecall Integration

Feb 1, 2022

You can also use Zapier services for your Mergecall account as well. In Mergecall you can use the Catch hook trigger that is provided by Zapier and you can manipulate the data that comes from Mergecall in the registered webhook as per your requirement.

Here are some places where you can add Zapier in Mergecall.

  • Buy number
    • Here you can add webhook for Voice response and SMS response.
    • Whenever user place call, the response data of the call is send to the weebhook.
    • When user send or receive sms , the response data is send to the SMS webhook.

  • Tracking
    • Here you can edit the Voice and SMS webhook.
    • Voice webhooks will receive the response of calls placed or received.
    • SMS webhook will receive the response of sent and received sms.

  • Form builder
    • Here you can add Form webhook, Note webhook and CRM webhook.
      • When we submit the form, data is send to the Form webhook.
      • When we submit notes, the data is send to the Notes webhook.
      • When we click push to CRM, the data is send to the CRM webhook.

And then you can use Actions/Services that are provided by Zapier.

  • This is the example data of outbound call send by mergecall.

  • We can further manipulate data with the help of zapier actions/ services provide by zapier.

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